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Not being understood when you speak Thai is a huge problem for non -Thai people speaking Thai. It’s frustrating and disheartening for the Thai learner, especially if you have put so much time into trying to learn the Thai language. Fortunately our learn correct Thai pronunciation lessons can help you to master how to say Thai words correctly. Not only will it be a fast, fun, interesting learning experience, what you learn will improve your Thai pronunciation immeasurably!

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Our lessons address the fundamental causes for problems in pronouncing Thai words correctly

It's not surprising that most Thai learners have problems speaking Thai with the correct pronunciation. The Thai language contains a number of key features absent in our own Western language. There are 4 key features of the Thai language that have a direct impact on a person speaking Thai clearly and effectively are:

  • Thai is a tonal language, where the tone of a word determines its meaning
  • It contains short and long vowels that need to be spoken with correct length when we say a word
  • It has a number of consonant and vowel sounds that are absent from our own language and that are difficult to pronounce without practice
  • Certain words significantly change their pronunciation from how they are written when they are spoken colloquially

When Thai people have difficulty understanding what a person is saying it is usually because the speaker is not taking account of all these special features when speaking Thai.

We have a range of lessons solutions that allow you to choose the option that best suits the way you like to learn

The good news is that these hurdles to speaking effective Thai with the correct pronunciation can be overcome with the correct learning materials and course content.

Learn Correct Thai Pronunciation

We have two ways for you to choose from to learn correct Thai pronunciation.

1) The Thai In-focus 1: Thai Pronunciation DVD + booklet. This includes:

  • a booklet featuring all the lessons.
  • a DVD with pictorial audio-visual slideshows featuring all the tones, words and phrases contained in the lessons. You see, hear and speak all the words and sounds featured in our lessons.

The lessons teach language knowledge whilst the DVD slideshows teach how to hear and say all Thai tones, vowels and consonants correctly. Together they teach you how to speak everyday Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones.

2) The Thai Pronunciation online courseWith this learning package you get: 

  • lessons with clickable audio text
  • audio slideshows
  • matching word games
  • audio flash card games

Both learning options have been developed to comprehensively look at all the key pronunciation issues to ensure that you learn the correct pronunciation of Thai tones, vowels and consonants. The lessons also fully cover how colloquial pronunciation of Thai words starting with certain consonants and consonant clusters change from their written form when spoken in everyday conversation.

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As there is Thai audio of all the words and phrases in these lessons you will learn in a proven, easy to follow, step by step way how to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones. In the process you will also learn an extensive range of practical Thai vocabulary featuring words that you hear and use everyday when mixing with Thai people.

What you learn

Learn Correct Thai Pronunciation

The Thai In-focus 1: Thai pronunciation DVD + booklet and the Thai Pronunciation online course will teach you to speak Thai with the correct pronunciation and tones. You will learn:

  • How to correctly pitch each Thai tone
  • The Thai tone names
  • Why getting tones right is so important
  • The key to successful tone pitching: Tone practice routine
  • How each tone is spoken in a range of useful example words
  • How to clearly distinguish between the length of short and long vowel sounds
  • How these short and long vowels sound when used in words consisting of start consonant + vowel, and words which have start consonant + vowel + end consonant
  • How to correctly speak a range of practical words that have short and long duration vowel sounds
  • The vowel sounds of all Thai vowels with example words
  • How to say the ‘difficult’ ‘ng’, ‘dt’, ‘bp’ and rolling ‘r’ consonants
  • A range of useful words using these ‘difficult’ consonants
  • Thai consonants by class: low, mid, high
  • The sounds of each Thai consonant with example words
  • How to pronounce words with end consonants ‘p’,‘t’ and ‘k’
  • How words can change from their written form when spoken colloquially with useful example words
  • Almost 300 words that will broaden the range of useful everyday vocabulary you know

In the process of learning the above will enhance your speaking and listening skills with the audio visual slideshows that feature all words and phrases in the book.

Bonus learning!: As all Thai vowels and consonants are covered this is a great way to learn the Thai alphabet in addition to learning correct pronunciation!

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