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Speak Thai and Speak Isaan Thai book + DVD titles are NUMBER 1 BEST SELLERS within their categories in the two major English language book selling store chains in Thailand - Asia Books and Kinokuniya.

No.1 Bestseller in Thailand Bookstores 

Why do Speak Thai and Speak Isaan Thai sell so well?

Good judgement and word of mouth are just two reasons. Our customers tell us that:

  • Speak Thai/ Speak Isaan Thai courses are excellent
  • They are excellent value for money
  • They are the best they have ever tried
  • They are far better than the more expensive courses that are available (and the cheaper books that are available too)
  • They have had more success learning and speaking Thai than with all the other Thai language products they have tried

See our customer feedback for more details:  Thai language courses customer testimonials

Our online courses also receive highly postive praise. Below are the results of a survey of customers who have bought Speak Thai Beginners Online course (July 2013). 

Thai Course Customer RatingsThai Course Customer Feedback

  They have told us this and so much more. See our Thai language courses customer testimonials to see just some of the feedback we receive.

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