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Richard Charles has developed the Learn Speak Thai system of learning Thai that guarantees you to learn Thai quickly, successfully and in a fun and interesting way. All online courses have:

  • clickable audio text and audio slideshows so that you can hear how to say Thai words, and
  • audio flashcard and matching word games to help you learn Thai in a fast, easy, interesting and fun way.

The system of learning is the most effective way to learn Thai fast.

System for Learning Thai Language

All online courses are mobile device friendly. View and learn on all devices (mobile phone, tablet, laptop)!

Features include:

  • OurSee, hear, speak audio visual learning system teaches the correct pronunciation and tones of all words and phrases that appear in the courses. You see the word or phrase, hear the word or phrase spoken clearly by a native Thai speaker, and then speak the word or phrase replicating the pronunciation and tones.

See Hear Speak Thai System

  • All courses have high quality audio spoken by a native Thai speaker to ensure you clearly hear the pronunciation and tone of all words and phrases. The speed of speech is slightly slower than normal so that you hear clearly how to say each word in a phrase.

Audio Native Thai Speaker

  • Lessons have clickable audio for every Thai word or phrase.

Learn Thai Clickable Audio

  • Audio visual slideshows (with photographic backgrounds that show the special way of life in Thailand) complement the clickable audio text.

Slidshow Visual With Thai Audio

  • Courses have hundreds of interactive audio flash card and word matching games that reinforce and develop your Thai learning.

 Learn Thai Matching Word Game            Learn Thai Word Flashcard Game

  • The courses have an intuitive, easy to read phonetic transliteration system that accurately show how a word should be spoken (rather than using needlessly complicated ‘scholarly' or inferior phonetic systems that actually hamper learning). How a word reads is how to say it. You spend your time learning Thai rather than trying to learn how to read and say a new Romanised alphabet.

No New Alphabet To Learn

  • Prominent word tone graphic symbols are used that enable you to clearly see what the tone of a word is (in contrast with other courses that either have tiny unclear symbols or no symbols at all).

Thai Word Tone Symbols

  • We use a word colour coding system that instantly shows what each word in a phrase means.

Instant Thai Learning

  • We give literal meanings of Thai compound words. This increases your understanding of each Thai word, making them easier to remember. This approach rapidly expands your Thai vocabulary and gives you helpful insight into how Thai words are composed.

Learn Thai Literal Meanings

  • Lessons feature practical Thai words and phrases that you will hear and speak in your everyday interactions with Thai people. We know that this is the best preparation for you to have meaningful and successful conversations. What you learn you can readily use, and this not only encourages you to speak Thai at every opportunity, it gives you the confidence to speak across a wider range of situations using the language knowledge you have learnt.

Learn Practical Thai Words

  • The Speak Thai Beginners online course has a dedicated section teaching pronunciation of unfamiliar, difficult to say Thai start consonants and short and long vowel sounds. There is a focus on teaching you to hear and speak Thai tones correctly throughout the course (a key aspect of successful Thai speaking neglected by other Thai language courses). The Thai Tones, Thai Consonants and Thai Vowels online lesson modules provide an additional focus on this important feature of speaking Thai.

Thai Pronunciation

  • Our courses give a guide to the colloquial pronunciation of all words featured in the lessons that may be spoken differently from how they are written. This ensures that you are fully aware of how these words are likely to be spoken by the majority of Thais. No other Thai language course gives you this indispensable insight and knowledge.

Colloquial Thai Pronunciation

  • Our courses have highly focused chapter content that ensures you have the depth of knowledge and vocabulary range necessary to speak and understand Thai in the situations featured. They also provide you with the language know-how to speak confidently across a whole range of other everyday conversation situations.

Highly Focussed Thai Lessons

  • We teach you all the essential grammar you need to know to speak Thai successfully in an easy, accessible, non-technical way. Key grammar is taught in focused sections whilst other aspects of language are highlighted and explained as they appear in the lesson content. What you learn provides the building blocks for a lifetime of successful Thai speaking.

Essential Thai Language Grammar

  • Courses feature humorous illustrations of lesson content to keep the learning fun.

Speak Thai Humour

  • We provide helpful insight into aspects of Thai culture, values and social etiquette necessary for you to interact with Thai people showing the appropriate levels of politeness and respect.

Thai Wai

  • Our courses offer the scope to teach your Thai partner English. All words and phrases, whether English or Thai, have audio making it very easy for a Thai person to learn how to say any Thai word or phrase in English.


Quite simply, there is no other Thai learning package on the market that approaches teaching you Thai as we do and gets you speaking Thai quicker.


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