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'Speak Thai is excellent. I like the colour coded translations, the literal meanings and page layout and the farang-man pictures.! I also like that it uses both phonetic and Thai alphabet and that there is a good emphasis on tones.' Lubthai, U.K.

Learning Thai with conventional language learning books / courses can be boring. As a result many people never get to learn Thai because the lesson content is so uninspiring they lose interest and motivation and give up. The Learn Speak Thai courses are designed to be interesting not simply by covering highly relevant situations and key words and phrases you’ll use in those situations but through the addition of fascinating language and cultural insight. They also include many humorous pictures illustrating points covered in the body text that help make the book a more enjoyable read. In addition the audio slideshows are treat on the eye with every word or phrase shown with stunning photograph slide backgrounds featuring the irrepressible spirit and way of life of Thailand and her people.

Learn Thai Course Features and Benefits

Learning Thai in a fast, fun and interesting way is important but the key factor in you learning to speak Thai successfully is the quality and relevance of the course lesson content you are learning from and the effectiveness of the approach to teaching you Thai. In these areas Learn Speak Thai is exceptional. Richard Charles developed the Learn Speak Thai courses precisely because the Thai courses and books he had learnt Thai from proved totally inadequate when it came to real life interactions with Thai people. Learn Speak Thai lessons are a step up from what other learn Thai courses offer in both 1) course content and 2) how words and phrases are presented in the courses.

1) Course content

  • The courses give you the essential language knowledge and skills to speak Thai successfully

The Speak Thai Beginners and Intermediate Speak Thai courses are a comprehensive introduction to Thai. They teach:

  • Language foundations and grammar
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Key phrases and words
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • In-depth language and cultural insight

You learn the grammar and language know-how for you to speak confidently across a whole range of other everyday conversation situations. But just as importantly, you learn in a fast, fun and interesting way.

  • Lessons feature practical Thai words and phrases that you will hear and speak in your everyday interactions with Thai people. We know that this is the best preparation for you to have meaningful and successful conversations. What you learn you can readily use, and this not only encourages you to speak Thai at every opportunity, it gives you the confidence to speak across a wider range of situations using the language knowledge you have learnt.

Learn Practical Thai Words

  • The courses feature highly focused chapter content that ensure you have the depth of knowledge and vocabulary range necessary to speak and understand Thai in the situations featured. They also provide you with the language know-how to speak confidently across a whole range of other everyday conversation situations.

Highly Focussed Thai Lessons

  • The courses teach you all the essential grammar you need to know to speak Thai successfully in an easy, accessible, non-technical way. Key grammar is taught in focused sections whilst other aspects of language are highlighted and explained as they appear in the lesson content. What you learn provides the building blocks for a lifetime of successful Thai speaking.

Essential Thai Language Grammar

  • Courses feature humorous illustrations of lesson content to keep the learning fun.

Speak Thai Humour

  • The courses provide helpful insight into aspects of Thai culture, values and social etiquette necessary for you to interact with Thai people showing the appropriate levels of politeness and respect.Thai Wai

2) How words and phrases are presented in course lessons

A huge challenge for farang wishing to learn Thai is that the way to pronounce Thai words correctly is initially quite difficult. This is not often helped by the way many Thai courses teach the language. Often the transliteration system used is misleading and without the aid of Thai audio you will not say the word correctly. Richard Charles has developed a number of very helpful features to ensure that when you read a word you easily learn both pronunciation and word meaning. Here are some of the key features of how we present words and phrases that help you learn Thai fast and with the correct pronunciation and tones:

  • Both the Speak Thai books and Learn Thai Online courses have audio visual slideshows so that you can hear how each Thai word or phrase is spoken (and the online course has clickable audio text).

Slidshow Visual With Thai Audio

See Clickable audio and slideshow teach correct pronunciation page for more details.

Learn Thai Clickable Audio And Slideshows

  • The courses use an intuitive, easy to read phonetic transliteration system that accurately show how a word can be spoken (rather than using needlessly complicated ‘scholarly' or inferior phonetic systems that actually hamper learning). How a word reads is how to say it. You spend your time learning Thai rather than trying to learn how to read and say a new Romanized alphabet.

No New Alphabet To Learn

  • Prominent word tone graphic symbols are used that enable you to clearly see what the tone of a word is.

Thai Word Tone Symbols

Remarkably many learn Thai books and courses fail to give any indication of the tone a word should be spoken. Other courses show the tone using very small symbols that you work so hard to see you end up forgetting about saying the tone altogether.

  • The courses use a word colour coding system (in book and DVD) that instantly and accurately shows correct Thai pronunciation, word tones and their meaning.

Instant Thai Learning

This is a highly effective innovation. Rather than having to refer to a vocabulary list or a word glossary to determine what a Thai words means you see it instantly. This really speeds up your vocabulary learning and language understanding of how Thai sentences are formed.

  • Courses give literal meanings of Thai compound words. This increases your understanding of the Thai word making it easier to remember, rapidly expands your Thai vocabulary and gives you helpful insight into how Thai words are composed.

Learn Thai Literal Meanings

Learn Speak Thai courses are the only Thai language courses that have this approach and yet it is one it is the quickest way for you to develop your understanding of Thai language and maximizing your vocabulary range.

There is no other Thai learning package on the market that approaches teaching you Thai in the same way and gets you speaking Thai quicker.


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