The Complete Speak Isaan Thai Vol. 1 + Vol. 2

Speak Thai Book and DVD Special Offer

Speak Isaan Thai Book and DVD Special Offer

No.1 Bestseller in Thailand Bookstores

Speak Thai To Me Book and DVD

Thai - Hello

Cute Girl Says Hello in Thai Language

  Isaan Thai - I drink beer

Isaan Thai Lady Says I Drink Beer

  Thai - What is your name?

Beautiful Thai Lady Asks What Is Your Name

 Isaan Thai - We like you

Isaan Thai Lady with Dog Says We Like You

  Thai - I want a beer Chang

Thai Elephant Says I Want a Beer Chang

  Isaan Thai - I miss you

Isaan Thai Children Say I Miss You

 Thai - Can we meet again?

Happy Thai Ladies Ask Can We Meet Again

 Isaan Thai - I'll phone you tomorrow

Isaan Thai Lady Says I'll Telephone You Tomorrow

Speak Thai Book and DVD Special Offer

Speak Isaan Thai Book and DVD Special Offer

Speak the language of the people you meet and love in Thailand.

Start learning today!

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The Complete Speak Isaan Thai 1 and 2

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‘With this course I found the best, authentic and lively language course I have ever had'. Christo Libuda, Germany

Save 20% on the price of Speak Isaan Thai Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 when you buy them as a complete set instead of individually.

The Complete Speak Isaan Thai Vol. 1 (beginners) and Vol. 2 (intermediate) is an essential book and DVD language learning solution that teaches you to speak practical conversational everyday Isaan Thai with the correct pronunciation in a way that maintains interest and motivation to help you learn the Isaan Thai language.

With Complete Speak Isaan Thai Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 you learn:

  • Language foundations and Thai grammar
  • Correct Thai pronunciation
  • Key phrases and words
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Insight into Thai language and culture

The Complete Speak Isaan Thai Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 is ideal for absolute beginners in Thai and for those who know some Thai but wish to improve their pronunciation skills. It will also benefit anyone wishing to broaden their Isaan Thai conversational abilities within highly relevant everyday situations.

Learn Isaan Thai Course Features and Benefits

See the Speak Isaan Thai Volume 1 and Speak Isaan Thai Volume 2 website pages for further details about features and contents.

Speak Iaan Thai 1 Book and DVD             Speak Iaan Thai 2 Book and DVD    


It makes sense to buy both volumes together 

80% of customers who buy Speak Isaan Thai Volume 1 end up buying Speak Isaan Thai Volume 2. It's highly likely you will too. Below are some examples of feedback we have received from customers who initially bought just Volume 1:

'If you have been to Thailand and intend returning to the Land of Smiles, however you want to be able to communicate more, then this is an ideal way to learn basic Thai. The interaction between book and DVD is perfect for getting those difficult tones correct. As with everything it needs a bit of work. I'm waiting for the time I can order the second volume.’ Trevor Collenette, Channel Islands

‘Book and DVD are great. Really easy to understand and an undaunting start to my Thai lessons! I can't wait to get good enough to order the second book.’ Deborah England, U.K.

‘My 7-year isaan wife and I have been having a lot of fun with your course. It really is what I have been looking for. It is my dream to understand what is being said around me when over there, and it would be so much more fun when I can converse with them. Good on you for creating such a great course that unlocks this mysterious language. Please email me when vol. 2 is complete, I will order it right away.’ Kent Wishne, U.S.A.

Sawadeekap, I have greatly appreciated your Speak Isaan Vol. 1 book and DVD and am very excited about furthering my knowledge and skills of the Isaan language with Speak Isaan Vol. 2. Many thanks.’ Brenton Dickson, U.S.A.

‘Very good book. Can’t wait to put it into practice. Thanks a lot. Will definitely be getting volume two.’ Billy Waylettjnr, U.S.A.

Complete learning satisfaction

Here is some customer feedback from people who bought both Volume 1 and Volume 2 together:

'Brilliant books and DVD’s. Bought both Speak Isaan Thai Vol.1 and Vol. 2 books. Very easy to read. Explains how to pronounce and say words. If you are going to north east Thailand I definitely recommend this book. Well done. 5 stars. Very happy.' Russell Marsden, U.K.

'Many thanks. Speak Thai Volume 1 + Volume 2 were excellent. Very clear and well structured, and easy to understand. Is the best by far. My other Thai books have all gone to the charity shop.' Bryon Williams, U.K.

'Speak Thai Volume 1 + Volume 2 is a good course. There is a great deal to recommend the course. I like the way it is colour coded so I can see the various parts of Thai speech and it is visually attractive. I like the way I can repeat things (on the DVD).' Peter Copperwheat, Qatar

'Speak Thai Volume 1 + Volume 2 is excellent. This is the Thai spoken in the street & the villages. So many books differ in there layout & they don’t break down the true Thai meaning of the sentence when they translate. Your books translates correctly. This means you are not just learning parrot fashion. I just hope you keep producing books & DVD’s.' Carl Petty, U.K.

'Speak Thai Vol.1 and Vol.2 is very good. The best Thai course I have used so far.' Watt Wasanag, Thailand

'Speak Isaan Thai Vol.1 and Vol. 2 Is a very good course. It covers language and gives a feel for the culture at the same time. The clarity of the explanations is excellent.' Todd Rush, U.S.A.

'Speak Thai Vol.1 and Vol.2 is EXCELLENT. It offers easy and straight forward learning. It’s the best Thai course I have used by far.' Chris Bandit, England 

So why not save money and buy the Complete Speak Isaan Thai Vol. 1 + Vol.  2. now? It's the best investment in your Thai speaking future you can make.

The Complete Speak Isaan Thai 1 and 2

    Buy now! £33.49


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